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We Hate Kumiko and Shizue!
The Official Anti-Shizue Kumiko Fan Club!



This FC is now officially going only ANTI-SHIZUE since Kumiko is no longer a mary-sue...


You can now find us here: :iconanti-shizue:

:bulletyellow:All members have been taken from this FC and placed in the new one, don't worry ;)

:bulletpurple: We'll be taking the submitted fan art and placing it on the new FC

:bulletblue: Follow us there!!!

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MangaFreakGR Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Who's Kumiko?
Tseinu Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Redpantheress-Harumi Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
"This is something I've wanted to rant about for a long time. Something that NEEDS to be ranted about, for that matter. It's a subject that nobody ever gets to the damn point about.

Seriously. I've done Google searches, racked Photobucket, racked Deviantart, even made a trip to ED--something I'll never, ever do again; I really did not need to see any of that awful porn--and there is literally slagging NOTHING that gets to the point. The pros miss the point, and the antis miss the point just as much. It's getting on my nerves!

I know what you're saying now: "Alicia, whatever in the world could you be talking about?" Well, I will show you! Lookie here:

Now who could this be, you say?

Why, it's none other than our beloved sparkly-fairy-loving Mary Sue, Bella Swan--gone blonde! Bellers has been nabbed from Forks and dropped into Naru-Land, courtesy of a lovely young Argentinian. Her costume has also been changed; she's ditched the jacket and jeans for the lovely stripper clothing that all Naruto girls wear. Wait, what's that you say? The Naruto girls aren't strippers? And they wear clothes they can actually fight in? What kind of crack have you been smoking, my dear friend?

Granted, as not too many people like Bella, and the fact that she was wearing the Jashin symbol on her skirt when she wasn't a Jashinist, she's undergone some revamping over the years she's been in Naru-Land. That picture above shows what she looked like in 2008.

This is blonde Bella today. All that baby blue is still giving me the baby blues...

Ah, but our little Argentinian friend was not ignorant of Japanese names. So she gave Bella a proper Japanese name, to make her seem less like a Twilight character and more like a Naruto character. However, rather than the more fitting Shiratori (Swan) Utsukushii (beautiful), blonde Bella was dubbed Asahi (rising sun) Shizue (quiet branch).

With the help of Bella/Utsukushii/Shizue, the little Argentinian, one Marina Muller, quickly rose to stardom within the Naruto fandom in 2008, just as rapidly as the Twilight series had spread like cancer across America. She made her claim to fame tracing pictures of Haruno Sakura to turn them into Shizue. She even traced fanart, most notably Hyatt-Ayanami's "KibaHina Sunset" and mt-dragonboy's "Midnight Lust."

As did Stephanie Meyer with Twilight and the original brunette Bella, Marina Muller gained a hatedom as rapidly as she did a fandom. She was called out for her tracing by anti-theft crusaders. Fellow Suethor-thieves made protests on Youtube against Shizue, whining that their crappy Sakura recolors were just as good even though they only recolored instead of traced. Her repeated denials of stealing and ripping off other deviants on Deviantart even earned her an article on the infamous ED.

Sometime in 2009, however, Marina stated she would stop tracing. It is currently ambiguous if she followed through on that statement, mostly with her Shizue pictures and art trades, though I personally suspect she still traces from time to time. Feast your eyes on this:

Her looks and costume are waaaay too Western-looking for Inuyasha... But, wait. Doesn't she look mysteriously like Kikyou? Let's ask the zombie miko herself!

Why hello. Being dead is really no fun, you know. Wait, when did I get a twin?

See, even Kiks is pretty suspicious. I can't find a matching screenshot to overlay yet, but I'm sure it's somewhere in there.

Anyway. Am I needed here anymore? I need to go put an arrow through Naraku's brain.

Sure, Kiks. You go on ahead. And while you're at it, go tell Inuyasha that nobody can screw a zombie.

Anyway. Back to blonde Bella. Well, now that you know the little history of Marina and Shizue, I can explain what I was going on about in the beginning. You see, I do searches everywhere for "shizue" and "anti shizue," and all I get is stuff either attacking or defending MARINA. The lovers are all "Mereeeeeena's artz r soooooo greeeeat, me lurves her to pieces, but she's so nice," and the haters are all "Mereeeeeeeeena iz such a reeeeepoff, ED was lyke riiiiiiiiiiiite, baaaaaaaaad anatomeeeeeeeeeee." It's Marina this, Marina that, Marina ate my sneakers, etc, etc, etc.

Nobody ever talks about Shizue. Nobody ever mentions that Shizue is a blonde Bella Swan and that Marina Muller can't write for shit, even if she can draw. Nobody ever mentions WHY they think Shizue is a great/a crappy character. In other words, NOBODY EVER GETS TO THE PRIMUS-FORSAKEN SLAGGING POINT.

And that, my dearies, is why this rant is being made! To correct that error!

I don't give two slags about Marina Andrea Muller, unless she does something to wrong me, my family, or my friends. I don't care if she's the sweetest girl in Argentina or a bigger bitch than Lassie. And to be honest... Marina is improving her art. She doesn't always listen to feedback, but she does listen. She even has her own style now! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that she stopped trying to be Kishimoto and found her own style of drawing. Points to you, Marina. I mean, an artist should have their own unique style. My art's not great, but I don't try to draw like Kishi when it's perfectly fine of me to draw like Alicia.

Anyway. When I say I am anti-Shizue, I mean I am anti-SHIZUE. What I hate is the blonde Bella Swan she spawned and that for some reason half the Naruto fandom worships to death.

Oh, I know what you're saying now. "But Alicia, why do you hate Shizue?" "How could you hate Shizue?"

Well, that's a great question, dearies. We all know I hate Twilight, right? Well, I don't need to repeat myself a bazillion times--I already told you Shizue's a blonde Bella. If that's not enough, allow me to tear her to shreds and show you how exactly she is. It's difficult, because Marina never wrote down her story. She has also made some endeavors to fixing her--for instance, Shizue now has an actual team and an actual sensei. It's a freaking miracle! Still... here's what I know about Shizue so far.

Her personality is bland, generic, and completely lacking. The only description Marina ever gave of her character (or lack thereof) was "sweet, kind, and insecure," as well as that she has an "evil side" that comes out when she's angry--"evil, insensitive, and self-confident." She has no defined character traits, flaws, interests, hobbies, or anything that would make her human. She is a blank slate, like Bella. The only difference is that Bella doesn't have this "evil side." (Another tabula-rasa Naruto Sue comes to mind here, an orange-haired Bella named Sawaii Hitomi, but that's a story for another time)
Her "backstory" is pretty much nonexistent--it doesn't have a slagging plot! I can't even be sure what's canon and isn't in Marinaland anymore. There is no conflict, character development, etc. throughout her entire story. She's exactly the same Shizue at age 21 as she is at age 13. If you're going to have a character, there needs to be a Primus-forsaken STORY! With a PLOT!
She also has no enemies--everybody freaken loves her. Especially all those other Naru-Sues created by other fangirls who want to be popular like Marina. SOMEONE besides the anti-Marina squad or me HAS to hate her!
Back in 2008, Kiba was in love with her, although it is unknown if this is still canon in Marinaland. I wouldn't be surprised if the other guys are in love with her too.
She moves to Konoha from her homeland to get away from her father, is somehow initiated as a shinobi--did she even pass the genin exams?--and is instantly popular and accepted. Wow, I didn't know the Konoha-nin loved strangers as much as the kids at Forks High did.
Like brunette Bella, Shizue has her Edward. He's her cousin, and his name is Daizuke. Except he's a zombie instead of a fairy. And he can Earthbend. Hello--isn't it bad enough that Inuyasha thinks he can screw a zombie? And yes, he IS her cousin--no matter how much Marina tries to deny it, you cannot be part of the same clan and not be blood related. If the Shiomi family is part of the Asahi clan, THEY ARE BLOOD RELATIONS. See, Marina dearie, you just pulled Stephanie Meyer Trick #3: Tell X, show Y. Continuity is important to the story, you know!
Here are some more Sueish traits of Shizue's that are mostly Naruto-specific:

The whole Blue Power thing. Shooting lasers from your hands is only cool when Starfire does it.
That "Aoi Uzu" is a knockoff and a half of Rasengan. Just have Shizue train under Naruto and learn the Rasengan herself if you like it so much!
Her clothes. Oh sweet Primus, her clothes. You know, despite people calling Sakura a whore, at least Pinkie wears clothes she can fight in. Strippers' clothes are meant to be worn at brothels and nightclubs, not into battle. And for the love of Cybertron, get rid of the baby blue! Even Naru-ninjas would never wear baby blue. Pastel shades are for dancers and girly girls, not kunoichi.
How in the name of Cybertron does Shizue even become a shinobi of Konoha? Even if she fled her home to move to Konoha, how do her clansmen get placed on her team? And when do they become Konoha-nin? Or is the Asahi clan now Konoha based? Her teammates are Daizuke and her other cousin Akio, and they all sport Konoha headbands.
Daizuke is a blond Assgay. But then, Assgay Uchi-whore is the Edward Cullen of Naruto, so that's not surprising. Instead of making up a zombie cousin for Shizue to rock the bedroom with, just make her fall for Assgay and make him her sex slave! It's less troublesome than making up a stupid clone and creating an incestuous relationship with said clone! Oh well, I guess I should be grateful that Shizue doesn't fall for Itachi. I'm still recovering from reading Roraku Chronicles.
Granted, Shizue's not the only Naruto Sue who's like this and has gotten popular. Uchiha Rei, the beloved brainchild of Marina's friend Raquel, is a knockoff of Sasuke and Sakura. Supposedly Rei and Shizue are the best of friends, but neither Raquel nor Marina ever shows this--and drawing one another gift art does not count toward your storylines. Raquel even wrote down Rei's story, giving me some idea of Shizue's, but it's very vague and only says that Rei and Shizue have a friendly rivalry. I might be slightly confused because Raquel is from Spain and has poor English, as does Marina, but the story is still definitely Sueish. As for more... just search Devart for Naruto OC and you'll see what I mean.

To conclude: Asahi Shizue is a terrible character, a clone of Bella Swan, and should have been named Shiratori Utsukushii. Marina Muller is not God, though I do not believe she is the devil, and she definitely is trying. And if you must worship a Naruto OC, find one that's actually creative and whose storyline makes a lick of slagging sense.

If there's anything I can add to this rant, please let me know and I'll update it. In the meantime... blonde Bella's been making me sick just thinking about her. Why do people worship this abomination?

Some other time I'll rant about Uchiha Sues, and then another rant on that orange-haired Bella, Sawaii. In the meantime, I'm gonna go back to looking up shirtless/naked Itachi art and Transformers pinups to recover from this crap." From, the Famous Rantor On Live Journal If I belive

After math :

TL/DR is right. This whole comment is nothing more than bitching and whining about nothing. So what if my page looks wonky? That's the ONLY valid point you made. I'm allowed to hate shitty characters and shitty stories if I want to. It's better than me worshipping them. And you say I'M the idiot? And the people who worship these horridly written slutty girls are the smart ones?

I rail on Mary Sues because shitty writing should not be praised, enabled, or favored in any way. But it IS. And instead of throwing the word "hypocrite" around, back up your claim. SHOW me, don't TELL me.
Ok No offence to Sasuke Lovers and MARIANA,
XxKohana-KamorixX Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
Fuck guys this club is DEAD. :/ That should be obvious since it stopped accepting members a year ago.
LightWolfVII Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2010
Hey why you don't create a group for that?
Jazzypixels Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2010   Digital Artist
Haha best club ever!
lenaleebara Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
you hate mary-sues write?
Animeluveris12 Featured By Owner May 14, 2010
umm.....I was surfing deviantart, and found this after typing in Kumiko...My name is kumiko...your not going to hate for that, are you?? Plus, who's this "other kumiko"????? :|
TanniePug Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
It's not you're the only one who has that name, they're talking about the other Kumiko.
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